Assistant Professor, Marist College

  • ENSC325 – Water and Climate
  • ENSC210/212 – Introduction to Geology (and Lab)
  • ENSC360/BIOL360 – Ecology: Principles and Practice (and Lab) 
  • ENSC365 – Earth Systems Science (and Lab) 
  • ENSC101/293 – Social-Ecological Systems: Coastal Alaska
  • ENSC101/292 – Social-Ecological Systems: American West
  • ENSC380 – Principles of Environmental Assessment
  • ENSC101 – Introduction to Environmental Issues

Visiting Faculty, Colorado College

  • EV120 – Institute for Visual Environmental Communication: An interdisciplinary merger of science, art, and GIS to address climate change in the Colorado Rockies – Final Art-Science Project Examples
  • NS100 – Finding the Green River Basin: Developing interdisciplinary knowledge in the sciences and outdoor leadership through placed-based exploration
  • GY250 – Hydrology
  • GY135 – Introductory Physical Geology
  • GY207 – Undergraduate Education within the Geosciences

Visiting Faculty, Quest University Canada

  • PHY2207 – Earth’s Systems and Human Impacts (EOS)
  • PHY2203 – Earth’s Climate and Carbon Cycle (EOS) –  Interpretative Posters

Instructor, University of Idaho

  • GEOG501 – Climate Change Indicators in Idaho –  Project Page
  • CSS304 – Conservation Social Sciences Field Studies

Paraprofessional (Teaching Assistant), Colorado College, Geology Department

  • Introductory Geology
  • Environmental Geology
  • Mineralogy
  • Petrology
  • Introduction to Hydrothermal Geology
  • Sedimentology/Stratigraphy

“Through place-based, project-focused, hands-on learning my courses foster a positive and engaging learning environment for my students to grow together as creative, critical thinkers and effective communicators with the skills needed to tackle the unknown challenges of tomorrow”

-Dr. Z

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